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We've Moved!
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rustic Wall Hangings

I'm sorry it's been a bit quiet on the blog...That just means it's been a bit loud in the workshop!  I've been working so hard on many different items including a custom dandelion door that I'm really in love with.  I'll be sad when it goes to it's real home.  More on that soon...but for now I thought I'd share with you some of my latest wall hangings!

I'll admit that I've been working on this mirror project for a very long time. Mirrors make me nervous but now that it's done...look for a lot more mirror projects soon!  This mirror features a Bear Cub learning to Climb the branch frame of the mirror.  Real Pine Cones adorn the corners for added rustic flair.
"Cub with a View"
This was my first shelf project!  I had sooo much fun on this whimsical bear.  I hope he finds a happy home (maybe in some child's bedroom)... "Saranac Shelf" has a rustic bark edge and a lot of rustic whimsy!
"Saranac Shelf"
The next photos are of two projects I made a while ago...featuring "Hootie" and "Grumpy".  I love working with cracked log slices.  It's so easy to imagine a critter living in that tree once.  I have heard that "Acorn" loves his new home!

We donated these pieces to a benefit for a good friend who was injured by a falling tree.  Sometimes, it is easy to take for granted things like trees, wood, even paper...but these common items are brought to us by everyday people working in the woods, doing jobs that are often very dangerous.  So when we have a chance to support the people who bring all this to us...It makes us proud to be able to help.

"Saranac Shelf" ~ "Cub with a View"
"Hootie" ~ "Double Trouble"