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Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspiration from the Adirondacks

I know that no one enjoys someone else's vacation photos...but every year I use my vacation in the Adirondacks to gather inspiration.  The whole region is so filled with great artisans and amazingly talented people.  So this is my "Appreciation" to those Adirondack People who Create!  All of these photos were taken (without flash) at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY.  It is by far the most inspiring place I've ever been.  And I return as often as I can. I'll publish more Inspiration photos from our other Adirondack travels soon... I promise!

If you have to be at a desk...Choose one that makes you smile!

Amazing Quilt Display!  I love Applique Quilts!

Adirondack Pooches need awesome Adirondack Doggy Houses!

Once used as a Surveying tool...Now it's Historical Art!

Tell me that this isn't better than those ugly plastic swings!

I need me one of these!

Look at the intricate design and remember there was no electric tools when this was built!
Adirondack Lean-To

Amazing and Intricate Arbor!

Birch Bark + Twigs = Andirondack Style!

Timeless Adirondack Beauty!

I am truly inspired by this piece!

Love, Love, Love!