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We've Moved!
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indecisive Me and my Carving Adventures!

Fresh from the Workshop!!!  Yesterday I delivered a custom order for a very special client!  I could write a thousand words about how wonderful he is ~ but he hates all things Social Media so I will respect his Right to be Anonymous.

He is in the process of completing a 2 year Gazebo project!  No, he isn't a slow builder ~ he is meticulous in his craftsmanship.  So imagine my delight and fear when he announced that I was going to carve panels for his pride and joy!  The fear that bolted through me was nearly as fatal as a heart attack!  But I took a steadying drink and said, "Sure ~ Whatever you want!"

Here's the problem (and it happens to me a lot) HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HE WANTED!!!  Normally I send emails with design templates for approval but he didn't want to see designs!  Normally, I ask clients what colors they prefer: vibrant, natural, stains only but he didn't care!  Ugh!  Here is a piece of advice ~ If you want it done in a reasonable amount of time ~ MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS otherwise, you'll be waiting on a very indecisive ME for MONTHS!

But finally, yesterday all ten of the carvings were completed and ready for delivery!  Each carving had a 6 step process of designing, hand drawing, hand carving, sanding, pyrography (a.k.a. woodburning), and painting. The designs are varied and based on the varied interests of the client.  It is my first attempt at panel carving and I found it thoroughly enjoyable and yet so very nerve wracking!  Overall, I think the carvings turned out to have a folk arts feel that is rather unexpected.  The Client is happy and that is all that really matters to me.

Big Bear at a Waterfall Stream.  Salmon anyone?

 Covered Bridge and a Horse Drawn Buggy.
Let your imagination decide if it's the nearby Amish or a scene from days gone by.

 This carving is a quiet little dock and lake in Autumn. The Adirondack chairs are waiting!

Ford and Farm Life is the good life!

The Old Grist Mill and Forest Stream!

Horses in the Field and Apples on the Ground!

Lighthouse and Sailing Ship! Aye, a sailor's life for me!

Port Ontario featuring the Lake Ontario Freighter and the Clipper!
Summer Cabin and the "Neighbors".

Winter Cabin and the "Neighbors".

Monday, June 2, 2014

Somehow, I ended up with two of me ~ Which made it very difficult to remember which me I needed to be to login to my blog.  So today, I asked myself to add myself as an author.  Then I gave myself a promotion to administrator!  Yeah, me.  Then I made the old me commit blog suicide!  If this sounds very confusing to you then you can understand why I've been avoiding the job since 2011.  Finally I found a Youtube video which explained it to me.  So Me, Myself and I did what we needed to do!

Now, that login will be painless I hope to start blogging again on a regular basis.  Never mind those last 4 posts when I promised you the very same thing!  I'm going to start today by sharing my latest newsletter!  This is a test ~ A Vision Test! LOL