We've Moved!

We've Moved!
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Could use a Little Good News Today"

 I'm sorry for the long absence again.  I don't know if my chaotic lifestyle is really suited to blogging or not.  But I enjoy writing so when the urge strikes I enjoy blogging.  And life has been extremely chaotic recently.  Since I'm not particularly fond of online complaining by myself or anyone else I tend to avoid posting ~ I would hate to sound whiny or negative.  But when you avoid posting...sometimes you forget to post the good things too.  And there have been some really great things for our little business.  So I am going to get caught up with all the Good News.

Good News From North Country Rustics:

I've been carving again!  And it makes me smile!  Here are some of my latest projects out of the workshop.  Lots of photos...  That's what I get for not blogging enough!

Hand Carved, Hand Painted Screen Doors

Hand Carved, Hand Painted Wall Hangings

and Hand Painted Hand Saws

Our Facebook page has recently hit 700 Likes!!!  I can hardly believe the amazing response to our work.  

Maybe it's because I'm not the only one who has noticed that buying small, local, hand crafted just makes more sense than buying junk from big box stores and then buying it again in just a few months.  Even Facebook and Pinterest seem to be on the Hand Crafted Band wagon!
I'll post again....soon ~ I promise!  Next post will be about our first North Country Rustics Open House!