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Monday, September 1, 2014

Highs and Lows

This summer has been full of highs and lows.  Unfortunately, I have to admit that the lows were mostly my fault.  I'm new at owning a business, a rapidly expanding business and I got behind and couldn't catch up.  No matter how hard I tried.  Hard Lessons learned the Hard Way.  But it wasn't all bad ~ I created some of my best work to date, found new ways to carve and create, and was inspired to push my art further.

I love custom orders and this summer I had quite a few.  The doors turned out well despite the repeated setbacks and I hope that they will be enjoyed for many years.

And many of our custom orders were for local "Rustic" Weddings ~ These were great fun!  I love knowing that these Log Card Holders will hold all the well wishes for long happy marriages.  And when the wedding day is over they can be repurposed to hold a flowery potted plant inside the happy home.

This lovely Birch and Burlap Memory Book is still available ~ Includes 10 page protectors and would be perfect for a Rustic Bride!

 I was also asked to carve this sign to Welcome guests to the Wedding and the other side Welcomes guests to the Reception.  I was so pleased that the client's liked the way the hand carved sign turned out.  Many people expect hand carving to be as precise as the laser "carved" signs.  If you want or expect a precise font then please choose laser carving because hand carving is not be precise but it is much more artistic.

Welcome! As Two Families Become One Please Choose A Seat Not a Side.

Happiness is Being Surrounded by Family & Friends.  Please Choose to sit Wherever Makes you Happiest!

The log slices were from the bride's childhood home and although it had some bluestain it was lovely underneath her table centerpieces.

"I Do!" Love a Rustic Wedding!
I was also contacted to do three LARGE wall carvings and although this was a new challenge for me ~ I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!  This Moose won my heart from the first moment!  The carvings are now in their home in Saranac Lake overlooking the backside of Whiteface Mountain!  Lucky Moose!

I've also been taking every opprotunity I can to better my pyrography skills.  I love woodburning because I can make it as simple or as complex as I'd like.  And I can work on it in the wee morning or nighttime hours without firing up the loud machinery and disturbing the sleeping household.  LOL
I'm Irish ~ Right down to my Salad Servers!

Irish Hearts & Celtic Knots
Celtic Knots & Shamrocks

Farm Fresh ~ Featuring a Tractor, Cow, Pig and Duck
Blooms & Bees
Summer Love ~ Featuring Lighthouses & Sailboats
Two Hearts ~ Featuring "Hers for Baking" & "His for Tasting"
Plaid Snowmen ~ Featuring Three Primitive Snowmen Celebrating the Holiday
Have a Sweet Holiday ~ Featuring Gingerbread Man, Cupcakes & Pie
 I'm going to end this post with my FAVORITE Summer time projects because it was for my local community.  I am so proud of my community, of the people who truly care for each other, who look out for one and other during these hard times.  The past few years have been extremely stressful for my family as we dealt with my husband's sudden unemployment after 19 years and the worry of starting anew at nearly 40.  But our community gathered around us, helping us and encouraging us and it's only because of that spirit that we are now able to enjoy some new found stability and hope.  So you can see why these signs were just a small part of my thank you to this amazing place!
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