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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Falling in Love!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?  I have so many that it's hard to choose...Cookies, Christmas Get-Togethers, Mainstreet Christmas with my hubby and kiddies.  But the one thing I cannot imagine going without is my Christmas Tree!

Growing up we always had a real tree.  Hubby always had an artificial tree.  So after we were first married he convinced me that our house was too small for a real one.  Eventually our family expanded and we outgrew our starter home.  That's when we started building our log cabin.  It was a long process that I may share with you soon.  But today's story is about how I designed the whole cabin so that I could get giant Christmas trees!

Like most cabins we have a great room/kitchen/dining/livingroom. All open! With an open loft over the kitchen. That leaves us with a ceiling height of nearly 20 feet! Which means I should get at least an 18 foot Christmas tree right? Well, 2 years ago I did manage to get a 16 foot tree and my hubby complained about back pain for a week! It was terribly heavy (I think it's because it was a blue spruce ~ Frasier Firs seem so much lighter) so this year I scaled back to a 13 foot Frasier Fir (nearly 15 feet in the stand - heehee) and I was all prepared to hate the "little" tree but... when I got it home, decorated, and lit... I fell in LOVE!
Christmas 2012