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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Shipping ~ Easy Peasy!

Is "Custom" a scary word?  I often think it is because most people think of Custom as Expensive.  I really try to dispel that myth.  Our doors are almost always custom doors and they cost exactly the same as our "ready to sell" doors.  With no extra charges EVER!

But if "Custom" is scary then "Shipping" is TERRIFYING!  I can't tell you how many times someone has asked me for a shipping quote only to say, "Is that all???? I thought it'd be twice that!" 

I don't know why people think it will be expensive ~ other than gas prices being what they are.  Screen doors (even custom carved wooden doors) are fairly lightweight.  The package is large but flat.  UPS hasn't complained yet about the Ground Delivery Service on our doors and with Ground Shipping starting at $75 for most of the US neither have our customers!

Because our doors are normally custom I don't usually keep any in stock but... this Lodge Style Buck Shot Door is Avaiable for Immediate Holiday Shipping.  He will fit any 36 x 80 standard door and is perfect for that hard to buy for hunter, nature lover, or cabin owner.  Inbox me today if interested!  Or stop by the North Country Rustics Facebook page and leave a message.