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Sunday, November 21, 2010

July 2008: "I can do that!"

My first visit to the Adirondacks felt like coming home.  I was instantly awed by the beauty of the mountains, amused by the abundant wildlife, and amazed by the very real sense of community that the mountain people shared.  My husband must've felt the same way because every time we have a free moment we are once again heading to the Adirondacks.

So it was no surprise that in July of 2009 that we were once again traveling the Main Street of our favorite Adirondack Village but it was a bit of a surprise to my husband when I (while driving) suddenly shouted and stopped watching the road!  I saw a beautiful hand carved screen door and while I thought my driving was still perfectly acceptable...my husband loudly disagreed!  So, we pulled into a parking area and walked back...well, he walked as best he could while I was dragging him by the arm.  Up close the screen door was even more amazing...and SO far out of my price range that it actually hurt!  That's when I uttered the words my husband had heard at least a thousand times before..."I can do that!"  It always amuses him when I say that because while I usually can "do that"...I hardly ever actually do.  But this time was different.

Two days after we returned from our Adirondack getaway I had set up a makeshift workshop on my kitchen counter!  There was saw dust everywhere.  Jigsaws, sand paper, tape measures and countless pencils littered my kitchen.  My husband stood over my shoulder, showing me how to work this tool, giving his opinion on this and that and he never complained (not even once~I swear) about eating Hot Dogs and Tater Tots for two nights in a row!

I was pretty proud of myself when I finished my first screen door.  But I think he was even more proud.  He took this picture to work with him.  That's how I got started on my Second Screen Door Attempt...