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Monday, November 22, 2010

Am I a woodworker?

It was nearing the colder weather and I couldn't imagine anyone wanting another screen door.  That left me feeling a bit sad...Apparently I liked doing woodworking!  So, I decided to make my parent's Christmas gifts.  Little did I know what a challenge the projects would turn out to be.

Luckily, I had found my way to a fantastic website called Lumberjock.com where I found great people who love woodworking and it's where I was inspired by Dusty56's weather station and he was kind enough to encourage me to try this fun project myself! With his advice I immediately ordered the kit from WoodCraft. I made the weather station for my mother who is an avid weather watcher. The day after Christmas she informed me that the temperature outside was a brisk -7 degrees!

The project was simple and straight forward~although I worried through every step that I would break the glass “Galileo thermometer”. I matched the finish to a small antique clock my mother has always loved.

I was inspired by jerry118's adjustable music stand. This was my first real attempt at hidden joinery techniques. I really had a lot of fun (when I wasn’t frustrated with my own lack of knowledge). I made some rookie mistakes. Luckily, hubby was able to advise me how to correct them without scraping the whole darned project~LOL. The wood types are Curly Maple and Cherry. There is a stablizing brass hinge at the top and friction lid hinge to allow for adjustablility. For height adjustability there is a removable peg.

I gave the music stand to my father for Christmas in 3 different packages. The first package had just the peg. My father’s sense of humor about what the different possibilites for the peg could be had everyone laughing. The second package had the base. He really was dumbfounded now. And the laughter continued! And finally he opened the last package (which he had guessed was a snow shovel) and was very surprised. This is the first gift I’ve given him in 10 years (or more) that he HASN’T correctly guessed before opening! It made for a fun Christmas Morning!