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Monday, November 22, 2010

Parrots and Eagles

This is yet another screen door…and a half! My Uncle turned 75 this week and I wanted to surprise him with a screen door but last week was Mother’s Day and I wanted to surprise Mom with one too. So I started working on my mother’s screen door and told her the whole time that I was working on my Uncle’s. The old bait and switch!

After Mother’s Day I settled down to making my Uncle’s Screen door. After the first day my hubby was only luke warm about the design and it went down hill from there. He kept saying that the Eagle looked like a PARROT! I spent two full days trying to “fix” the problem. The door is due at a Surprise Party on Saturday. Wednesday night my hubby says, “It’s not your best work. Why don’t we go get a new piece of wood and start over.” NOW???? Thursday I had to do party prep until 4 p.m. so I didn’t get started on the door until 4:30. I worked rapidly, and very carefully until midnight. In that space of time I drew the layout, jigsawed, dremel-ed, sanded, stained & painted. And preceded to bed where I enjoyed the best five hours sleep of my life. I rushed into the basement in the morning and poly-ed then went off to day two of party prep. I returned Friday night to attach the screen and the back frame and another coat of poly. It was still a bit tacky on the edges of the door Saturday morning but overall, I was proud of the result. And hubby loves the new Eagle…no more parrots here!

I’ll re-purpose the bottom of the door into a mirror as a raffle item for a local Epilepsy Foundation fundraiser. Hopefully, it will do well for them. My Uncle loved his surprise door and I think he’s really happy with it.