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Monday, November 22, 2010

Moose are Fun!

The Moose door was a surprise birthday gift from another Uncle to his wife. Originally she was from Canada and she says that “Moose are like home”. She spent her birthday at the State Fair with her sister and didn’t return home until 9:30 at night. When she finally came home she was so surprised she just couldn’t stop giggling. That’s when she decided to call me…at 10 PM. “It’s AWESOME!” followed by hysterical laughter was all I could hear when I picked up the phone. Two days later she was still talking about it…And her hubby was heard chanting, “My door is better than your door” upon entering my mom’s house. I think I’ll consider them satisfied customers. LOL.

PS I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed making the antlers on this projects. I made the front antler on a seperate piece of wood and attached them together using glue and screws (from the back) to create a 3-D effect that is quite nice up close. I can’t wait to try the technique again.