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Friday, April 6, 2012

Cedar Bear Bed

You would think that a 20×24 foot basement workshop would be plenty big enough for hubby and I to share…but you’d be seriously WRONG! Especially after he started working on his latest bed. A queen sized bed takes up a large chunk of floor space!

This bed was a custom order. It’s crafted from locally harvested cedar. Each railing, post and spindle was hand peeled using a drawknife. This lends a very rustic hand hewn look to each piece. This bear cutout adds a bit of whimsy and fun to an otherwise very traditional log bed. It’s finished with several coats of clear shellac.

I know that the very observant folks will notice that the mattress doesn’t fit the bed very well…truth be told it’s a full size air mattress covered in a twin size blanket on a queen sized bed! I really need to invest in queen sized air mattress if my hubby is going to keep making these beds! LOL.