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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Mother's Day Gift Guide...for Hubbies!

After writing last week's post "All about Mom" I realized that I, like thousands of women around America, will receive a gift from my hubby for Mother's Day.  While I enjoy a trip to the hardware store for a new tool...most wives aren't going to find it pleasurable.

So, what is a hubby supposed to do?  Don't Worry...I'm here to help!  It's not Christmas, Her Birthday or Your Anniversary so there really is no need to think expensive jewelry.   Don't roll your eyes... I am not setting you up to get in trouble.  Instead of Expensive I want you to think Sentimental!  Often these items are less costly and more memorable.

Let's Start with Flowers:  You can never go wrong with flowers but please...not from the Gas Mart!  If going flower picking in the garden or fields near your home isn't possible then swing into the florist shop.  I know your instinct is going to be to buy Roses...but resist the temptation!  Instead find a nice bouquet of flowers featuring your wife's favorite color!  It'll be less expensive and you get extra points for telling your wife your reasoning.  Also every bouquet needs a vase...If one stop shopping is your thing the florist will help.  Otherwise, spend a few extra minutes finding a vase that fits her style.  This Mason Jar features beautiful birch bark to add a rustic flair.

Glass Vases of the right shape & size can also double as candle holders. 

When in doubt try thinking about her favorite animal.  If she's a bird watcher than a new bird house and bird book may be just the thing.  But if her favorite animal is a bit more unusual than why not consider having a custom carving done for her.  Every wife loves knowing that something was created uniquely for them.

 Look around your home.  Are there more than 3 pieces of decor with slightly cracked or peeling paint?  If so, Your wife is practicing Shabby Chic!  Most hubbies don't understand this design philosophy but I'm here to explain it to you.  All wives want to be Martha Stewart~and we want to make it look easy but in truth very few of us can actually do it.  Shabby Chic helps hide the "less than perfect" way we actually live our lives.  If your considering buying Shabby Chic...Why not buy Shabby Chic Flowers?  She'll be sure to love them!

When all else fails...Candles!  All wives love candles!  This trio of rustic candle holders will be perfect in any cabin or country decor.   That's it!  Simple Advice for an Affordable Mother's Day Gift for your Wife.  If one of our photos is THE perfect gift for your Wife or your Mom...We're always happy to help. Just leave a comment here or send us an e-mail at northcountryrustics@gmail.com and we welcome visits at www.facebook.com/northcountryrustics