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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Wednesday: New "Vintage" Mason Jars

You know here at North Country Rustics that I love a good DIY project!  That's why I've decided to make today DIY Wednesday!  While the Internet has hundreds of thousands of these DIY Crafts...they aren't always practical, or easy, or fun.  Today's project is guaranteed to be all of it and more!  Everyone loves those vintage blue/green mason jars but they are rare and difficult to find.  Save your gas money and your sanity... Make yourself some brand new "Vintage" Mason Jars!

Add Colorful Whimsy to your Mason Jars!
All you need to try this delightful DIY is ModPodge, Food Coloring and an Oven!  And easy step by step instructions!  Now that you've got beautiful Mason Jars...What to use them for?  Rustic Weddings, Garden Parties, Vases, Color Coded Organization...even Mason Jar Chandeliers! (electrician recommended~LOL)  The possibilities are endless!