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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Hearts : Family Time

We're all busy and by Thursday we're usually a bit "burnt out" but why not use Thursday to refocus on the things that mean the most to us.  "Thursday Hearts" is going to be my way of taking a deep breath.  This week I have a whole "new" family to add to my heart...and probably you do too!  My Mother has spent a fair amount of her free time searching the newly released 1940 Census for long lost information on our relatives.  This new release of information has spurred many to start their family geneology search. 
Where was your Family?
It's certainly not a new trend with Internet making fact finding much easier but now even TV programming is jumping on the bandwagon with NBC's Friday night hit "Who Do You Think You Are" and PBS's fascinating "Finding Your Roots".  Both shows do an excellent job of inspiring a geneology search.  If your one of the inspired the 1940 Census is a great starting point.  Have Fun and Learn Something about your Family you never knew before!  (My newest bit of history: Every Census had a different spelling for my Great Grandmother's Name.  I inherited her name and the governement still can't spell it right! LOL)