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Friday, April 6, 2012

Unexpected Surprises

When I decided to take my carving hobby and turn it into a business I wasn't sure that I'd ever find even a single customer.  I know that I'm Kooky so what if I'm the only person in the world Kooky enough to love my Rustic Screen Doors?  So I was caught off guard when I found that I was gathering an impressive little Facebook following.  I'm not one of those pages that plays all sorts of games to increase fan numbers.  So every fan (nearly 200 now) really matters to me...If your a fan of my page I want it to be because you really enjoy what I'm offering ~ Hand crafted Rustic Decor and Furniture.

So I was Unexpected Surprised when one of my facebook fans sent me an invitation to be a vendor at the Altona Outdoors Show!  I have never been a vendor.  I wrote her several times..."Are you sure?"  "I've just started the business..."  Can you tell that I was having a serious panic attack?  Well, somehow I was convinced to be a vendor...Then the real work began!  Most of my doors have been custom doors so I have NONE on hand!  To the Workshop...

Talk about an Unexpected Surprise...I just about hyperventilated when I saw one of my doors featured in an Altona Outdoor Show advertisement!