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We've Moved!
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Altona Outdoors Show

We had such a wonderful time in Altona!  We met quite a few of our Facebook Friends and even made some new friends...including some of the vendors!  I was lucky to be positioned right next to Mick Jarvis, renowned Adirondack pack basket artisan!  To watch him create the beautiful baskets was a real treat!  I had to remind myself not to stare...  I would love to take one of his classes!

Also, spent quite a bit of time getting some very helpful advice from Fred of Fred Peryer's Rustic Creations!  Talk about talent...this man creates some beautiful rustic pieces and the best part is that you get amazing quality American made products at extremely affordable prices!!!  If you love rustic let me know and I'll share his e-mail with you.  I'd share now but I'd feel terribly guilty if those nasty spammers got a hold of Fred's e-mail.

We kept quite busy at our booth. Overall, we had a fantastic time and learned sooo much! Thanks Suzie, and everyone in Altona!