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Friday, April 6, 2012

Down-Sizing Rustic

North Country Rustics may soon start attending festivals and outdoor shows as a vendor! Which has me frantically searching the internet, books, and local shops for inspiration. I love my doors but I feel I need more variety for a “booth”. So, I’ve started my diversification with some rustic wall hangings.

All of these projects were made using scraps. The first one I call “Dandy Breeze”. The dandilion was so much fun to carve. The boards were brand new and needed a bit of roughing up to get that rustic look I so like. During my frantic internet search I came across tips on how to acheive the look by wetting the boards with water before applying dark walnut stain. Most of the stain wipes off easily leaving the dark color only in the distressed areas. I also dry brushed a bit of blue gray over the top to add a bit more color.

The Second piece is Apples. I used a scrap piece of plywood for this project…distressing the board with the same technique and applying Green Apple paint overtop. The Apple, branch, and word are all carved and painted…the leaves are dehydrated apple leaves. I thought real leaves added a bit more personality to the piece.

The last picture is two seperate smaller carvings. I’m hoping these will appeal to the fisherman that we get during Salmon season here. My hubby assures me that they will…but I’m just not that sure! They’re FISHING FLIES!!! Who would want that on their wall? LOL. Still it’s scrap wood and I got to do some new carving so…even if it doesn’t sell I had fun making them. I left the boards distressed without an overlay of paint…I thought the carved and painted flies should be the focus of the color.